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Have I expressed how sad it makes me that two of my favorite actors from Friday Night Lights are in this movie as well as the director?


Trailer #2: BATTLESHIP

This may be the second trailer for the film, but it still looks like it has the potential to be an epic cheesfest. How is Michael Bay not involved with this project?


Trailer: ‘Battleship’

After the poster first appeared yesterday on the interwebs, we now have a trailer to go along with.  God help us all… here it is.


‘Battleship’ Poster

It’s hard to believe that Universal Studios is dumping $200 million into a board game adaptation.  The first poster has appeared in theaters and well, it looks like the board game.


Remaking Shit: ‘The Bodyguard’

It now seems imperative to start a new feature focusing on the plethora of shitty remakes with the announcement that Warner Bros. is remaking The Bodyguard.