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Review: DEATH WISH 3 (1985)

by Meredith Grau .   Best Bad Quote: “They killed the Giggler, man. They killed the Giggler!”


Whoa. Critical Step Towards a BILL & TED 3

Between the Ghostbusters 3, Dumb & Dumber 2, and Bill & Ted 3 talk, there has been a lot of toying with nerdboy fan’s emotions.


BILL & TED 3 Actually Happening?

I know. Every few months we get teased with a glimmer of hope regarding a third Bill & Ted movie. We all get psyched and then we don’t hear anymore about it for another six months.


Alex Winter’s Excellent Adventure About Napster

Bill S. Preston, Esquire, also sometimes known as actor Alex Winter, has made a living as a documentary director since giving up acting.


Keanu talks ‘Bill and Ted’

Keanu may be in his mid 40’s, but he still manages to embody the innonence and loveable stupidity of Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan.