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Review: DEATH WISH 3 (1985)

by Meredith Grau .   Best Bad Quote: “They killed the Giggler, man. They killed the Giggler!”


Review: THE BRIDE (1985)

by Meredith Grau .   Best Bad Quote: “You never told me about cats. I thought it was a tiny lion.”


31 Days of Bad Horror Movies: #15 NAIL GUN MASSACRE (1985)

When the tagline to your cheap, horror movie knockoff is: “It’s cheaper than a chainsaw,” you know you’re in trouble.

Zone Troopers

‘Zone Troopers’ Invading DVD

This should be some news that makes the die-hard cult film fans very happy.  The little known 1985 film, Zone Troopers, is finally getting released on DVD by MGM on December 6th via “Manufacturing on Demand.”