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  1. […] Line: I talked about this on Episode 1 of the BMN Podcast as my biggest disappointment of the summer. It had none of the fun that Piranha 3D had and instead […]

  2. […] talking about this travesty of a sequel in great length on Episode 1 of the BMN Podcast, we now have a trailer to prove not only that’s there’s no Santa Claus, but no God […]

  3. […] of Ridley Scott’s long awaited prequel to Alien, which simply was ridiculous, on the Bad Movie Nite podcast. One plot hole after another, really poorly written dialogue, and Guy Pearce with the worst makeup […]

  4. […] commemorate our “All Asylum” episode of the BMN Podcast, we thought we’d give away an “All Zombie” 3-pack from our good friend David M. […]

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