OUIJA Back From the Dead

The adaptation of a Hasbro board game that just won’t die. Ouija is back on the Universal production slate but with a twist to the concept. The once previously problematic $100 million budget has now been slashed to just $5 million. This is because Universal is planning on going the found footage route and the dramatically lower budget is on par with other low budget hits like Paranormal Activity, The Devil Inside, and Project X.


On track for a 2013 release, Ouija is set up through Platinum Dunes. The supernatural adventure was originally scripted by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz with Simon Kinberg coming in for a rewrite early last year. Then, last November, Marti Noxon came aboard to rewrite as well.


Though I like the idea of not wasting that extra $95 million on this terrible concept, I still think it’s a waste of $5 million when there are plenty of original ideas out there that are far more clever…


Source: Comingsoon.net

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