No ‘Piranha 3DD’ in 2011

In bizarre news, Dimension Films has cancelled the releases dates of both Piranha 3DD and The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes. Piranha 3DD, which we all here at BMN were very much looking forward to, was slated to release in just over a month, but Dimension has now pushed it to “sometime in 2012.”  Yikes, that can’t be good news.


The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes was scheduled to open on January 27th, which didn’t bode well for the film anyway, but Piranha 3DD had a very coveted Thanksgiving opening weekend, and considering the first film made $83 million worldwide, makes it all the more shocking.  Could it really be that bad?  And if it is, isn’t supposed to be?  I mean for the people who saw the first film, isn’t that what you loved about it?  I know that’s what I loved about it.  We all had a blast seeing that movie in theaters, and hope the sequel isn’t relegated to direct-to-DVD.


Source: CinemaBlend.com

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