Review: The Gingerdead Man (2005)

By Laz – Fellow BMNer Extraordinaire


Best Bad Quote:

“If that thing is real, I say we grab that mother fucker and we take it in to Leno, Letterman. How much dough can you make from a talking cookie… hey dough…cookie…get it?”


I’ve got 2 words for you: Gary…Busey.  For most of the world, those 2 glorious words put together would already put you on board for a night of movie magic.  For those of you still not convinced, I suggest you get yourselves checked out because there is a slight chance you might be dead inside.  Nonetheless, I’ve 46 more words for you:  Gary Busey as a killer whose bewitched ashes were mixed with a gingerbread spice mix that were then baked into a giant gingerbread man who comes alive and seeks revenge on the surviving members of a family that was killed by Busey’s character while he was still ALL man.


While this plot line may seem hard to chew (pun COMPLETELY intended) all you need to do is direct your eyes to that DVD cover.  That’s what caught my eye when I was rummaging the aisles of Hollywood Video (R.I.P). I ask you ladies and gentlemen, how can you resist that?!?!  When I read the plot line to this gem and I was sold.  This low budget, ridiculous excuse of a movie is just the type of flick that will have you scratching your head as to what the holy hell is going on…a style coveted by that hack Christopher Nolan (get a REAL job guy!).


All kidding aside, this movie in no way takes itself seriously: it’s white trash, low budge silliness, with a side of gore and a pinch of shenanigans, and really, that’s the essence of bad movie night…that and some good old fashioned mind alterations!  So take a shot, hunker down on the couch and get cozy with this delectable doozey of a flick!  You’re welcome!



4 out 5 Gun Firing Pastries

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  1. Will says:

    Ah man, I’m gonna have to see this one. Sounds great. I love Full Moon stuff.

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