Review: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Best Bad Quote:

“Whatta ya gonna do? Knock my block off?”


I hate clowns.  Always have, always will. Something about that painted white face and big red nose just screams “CHILD MOLESTER/MURDERER” to me.  Stephen King’s It …F that.  John Leguizamo as that fat clown in Spawn …F that.  Any depiction of John Wayne Gacy …F that.  The only movie that’s allowed me to somewhat tackle my fear of these creepy circus performers is the Chiodo brother’s cult classic, Killer Klowns from Outer Space.  This horror-comedy for some strange reason never scared me as a kid, but instead just provided me with pure delight.  What’s not to love about a race of clown aliens who capture humans and turn them into giant cotton candy’s so they can feast on them later?  Sounds like something that should scare the piss out of you, but the Chiodo brothers focus on campiness makes this movie watchable for any fellow coulrophobian.


When the sadistic alien “klowns” land their big top spaceship in the sleepy town of Crescent Cove, young lovers Mike Tobacco and Debbie Stone are the first to discover that this ain’t Ringling Bros.  When they try to warn Officer Dave Hanson, who just happens to be Debbie’s ex-boyfriend, neither he nor the rest of the force takes Mike and Debbie seriously.  Once people start getting eaten by killer shadow puppets and turned into human marionettes, Officer Hanson swallows his pride, and teams up with Mike and Debbie to defeat the bastards.


If you aren’t familiar with the Chiodo Brothers work, you should be; they’re incredible.  Although Klowns is the only movie they’ve ever written/directed, they’re the FX gurus behind Critters, Team America: World Police, and the ornate mice diorama’s in Dinner for Schmucks.  The creature FX in Klowns is top notch.  They look like your worst nightmare, but somehow have a charm to keep them from being terrifying.  The deaths are so expertly crafted and clown-centric; you can’t help but giggle in sheer delight.  Finish it off with a theme song written and performed by The Dickies, it’s no wonder that Killer Klowns from Outer Space has achieved the cult status that it has.  This movie is an absolute blast, with amazing FX to boot.



5 out of 5 Acid Pie Wielding Klowns

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