Dolph Dishes on ‘Universal Soldier: A New Dimension’

Don’t frequent Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.  On his site, Drago talked about his role in the new Universal Soldier movie as well as other projects in the pipeline.


“‘I’m in Los Angeles ready to leave for Bucharest, Romania to start work on the film ONE IN THE CHAMBER, co-starring with Cuba Gooding, Jr. I’ve had two weeks off on the beach here in Marina Del Rey after finishing UNIVERSAL SOLDIER – 3D in Louisiana. I returned from the dead as SCOTT, who this time around is the spiritual leader of the a generation of universal soldiers, ready to conquer the world! Earlier this spring I did a role in Jonas Akerlund’s black comedy SMALL APARTMENTS, playing a hilarious self-help doctor who does his best to save the world from going insane. (First time since ROCKY IV my character didn’t pick up a weapon…) After that I played the main villain in the thriller STASH HOUSE, directed by Eduardo Rodriguez, a very talented Venezuelan director living in Los Angeles. After Romania, I’ll take a break in Sweden and help launch my new fitness book, being released there in September.”


Finally, some plot details on the new Universal Soldier movie.  Side note — did you know that Dolph Lundgren is a legit genius.  Fulbright scholar and has a Masters in Chemical Engineering… who knew?!



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  1. john says:

    ha, hes no van damme though!

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