Review: The Hot Chick (2002)

Best Bad Quote:

“Too late dude, she’s with me right now. She says that my peepee’s way bigger than yours. And that’s if I fold it in half.”


Oh, Rob Schneider, if not for your former SNL buddy, Adam Sandler, you’d probably be working as a dishwasher at T.G.I. Fridays. Rob Schneider has provided us with a plethora of bad movies over the years and The Hot Chick is right up there with the worst.


A mean-spirited and popular teenager girl (Rachel McAdams) winds up switching bodies with a loser criminal in his 30’s (Schneider) when a pair of mystical earrings wind up in their possession.  The popular teen must deal with her new predicament which spurns one ridiculous penis joke after another.  Along the way, the teen realizes the error of her ways and just how terrible of a human being she has been to those less popular than her.  Changed, the only question remaining is whether she can retake control of her body and go back to shopping at Forever 21, while being a little less of a bitch in the process.


Sounds amazing right?  Amazingly terrible.  This movie is painful.  It’s amazing that Rachel McAdams managed to salvage her acting career after appearing in this movie as what can only be described as a Clueless reject.   Seriously, the moment this movie begins, with its utterly ludicrous back-story, you know you’re in store for 104 minutes of absolute torture.  The movie takes an especially horrible turn when Schneider starts “playing” the teenage girl.  One silly shenanigan after another, including a pepper spray gag which everyone knows is always funny, right?  Kill me…please.


We also get a cameo by the twins from the 90’s hit show “Sister, Sister.”  I could tell you their names, but I have a feeling you care to know their names about as much as I do.  Look ladies, I’m sorry you had to be in this piece of shit movie, but face it, you had a good run.  The shelf life of twin actresses in Hollywood is virtually non-existent, so consider yourselves fortunate.


I wish I could tell you that The Hot Chick is a fun romp of a bad movie, with enough campiness to make it worth a viewing.  But alas, I would rather endure repeated papercuts on my eyelids than watch this uninspired excuse for a movie again.  If only Rob Schneider would switch bodies with someone who was actually funny.



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  1. panic away says:

    Such great movies. I’ve seen them quite many times but I can watch them more.

  2. Thank God! thanks for the replay mate…It really is good to temper expectations early, Just wait until he tweets about dinner with Digger Phelps

  3. David DeAngelo PUA says:

    Thanks for the great post!

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