2 New Episodes of ‘Throwing Stones’

The response to the new teen horror web series, “Throwing Stones,” has been great and it couldn’t happen to a couple of nicer guys than the creators, Bart Van Bemmel and Jason A. Wheeler. Already having won awards from Indie Intertube and being nominated for “Best Teaser Trailer for a Web Series,” you can check out the newest episodes at www.throwingstoneswebseries.com.


New episodes will be premiering every Wednesday for the next five weeks and you can even interact with the cast each Wednesday night via Mingle Media TV (www.minglemediatv.com/ThrowingStonesWebSeries.html) for live web chatting as well as getting a behind-the-scenes look at the groundbreaking web series.


Original scripted internet content is the wave of the future, and Bart and Jason are making it the wave of the present.  Check out the trailer below:


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