Review: Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Best Bad Quote:

“I’m sick and tired of these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!” (Edited for TV version)


Some of my fondest memories have taken place in a movie theater.  From dinosaurs spitting poisonous venom in Jurassic Park to “The Dude” just wanting to get his rug back in The Big Lebowski.  I have never, and I mean never, had a better time at the movies then when the Bad Movie Nite crew took a field trip to see Snakes on a Plane back in 2006.  Could this have been due to the fact that we all consumed Old English 40 ouncer’s in the parking lot?  Perhaps.


The complex plot of Snakes on a Plane follows Neville Flynn, played expertly by Samuel L. Jackson, an FBI agent escorting a murder witness on a flight to Los Angeles.  The witness is supposed to testify against an evil mobster, and in order to put a stop to this witness ratting; the mobsters load a crate onto the plane filled with poisonous snakes gone wild, due to a pheromone they’ve been exposed to.  Samuel L., sick and tired of these monkey-fighting snakes on his Monday to Friday plane, must do whatever it takes to save the passengers and land the plane safely.


I’m sure many of you saw the trailer to Snakes on a Plane and said to yourselves, “Man, that movie looks retarded!”  Well, you’re right, it’s retarded in the most wonderful kind of way.  The beauty of this movie is that it doesn’t take itself seriously for one second.  From the tongue in cheek dialogue, the gratuitous nudity, and over-the-top death scenes, Snakes on a Plane is the most fun you will ever have watching a bad movie.  Samuel L. Jackson’s degree from the College of Overacting is perfectly suited for this movie, and he delivers his one-liners with such conviction that you want to stand up and scream, “Fuck those snakes in the face, Sam!”


It’s a rare occurrence that we watch a bad movie that doesn’t make us want to shove sporks into our eyes, but Snakes on a Plane is so preposterous, so campy, and has such bad CGI, that you can’t help but love it.



5 out of 5 Stereotypically Gay Flight Attendants

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