Review: The Dark Lurking (2010)

by Michael Banno

Best Bad Quote:

“Whatever it is we were doing here, it was messing with something more than mother nature…it was…something else.”


And that’s only sort of explanation for the things in THE DARK LURKING, a movie that’s part Resident Evil, part Doom. The story revolves around what appears to be an experiment gone wrong as these films usually do. In this case, it is something VERY religious. As a distress call is sent out, a ship receives the call and sends down a small group of soldiers. The next scene is almost as if it was right out of the first Resident Evil in which we’re introduced to one of the main female cast members in a white lab room and the first frame of this scene? Her eye as she wakes up. But in this case she’s met by a monster right off the bat and people come to rescue her, but they’re killed before we can say “Rip-Off!” Suffice it to say, she makes it out of the room and met by more survivors with the main group sent to rescue these survivors.


That’s just the start of the movie. Let me make it clear that there are definitely weird, rip-off like qualities in this film. Like I said already, the whole memory-loss of this girl, and the way she’s introduced can be seemingly reminiscent of Resident Evil. The whole Demon/Hell thing can sort of be culled from Doom. And there are aliens that one would almost say were a rip from Alien. The dialogue is terrible and the acting isn’t much better.


What I did like about the movie is that though it’s a low budget flick, the effects are actually not bad. It gives it a more real look and there’s probably not a lot if any CGI work. The ending was a bit unpredictable but some may think otherwise. It depends on how you perceive things are going to play out.


Overall it’s a creature feature. It’s cheesy, the dialogue is bad, but it does its jot as an entertaining monster/zombie romp.



2 out of 5 Evil Alien Rip-offs


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  1. Hmmm. I’m game for a religious Resident Evil/Doom rip-off. I’ll have to look this one up.

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