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Best Bad Quote:

“Wiping yer bum with a hook for a hand is really hard!”


When I go to the Bad Movie Nite screenings, I tend to notice we’re all around the same age group, and probably all grew up watching/playing with the same stuff. I feel a responsibility to not steer you in the wrong direction with a movie review- I won’t recommend something unless I think all of my BMN buddies would like it as well.  I saw this on the recommendation of Matt Lieberman, the BMN screening co-host, and I’m sure he’d agree when I say the following:

You really need to go see the Lego movie, you guys.

You might be saying “Come on, I’d rather be watching something where a shark fights a zombie! Enough with this kiddy crap!” and I would first tell you you don’t have to be such a dick, and then also promise you that you will see at least one decapitation in the Lego movie, so stick with me here.


I loved Lego as a kid, and heard the positive buzz this movie was getting. I went to see it with a couple fellow BMN screeners, my homies John and James, and we ended up loving it. You get sucked into a world of nostalgia if you grew up with everyone’s favorite plastic bricks (if you grew up with Mega Bloks, I’m sorry), and you get comedy writing that manages to walk the line between making adults and kids laugh.

Or as John described it – “This movie is Robot Chicken without the crassness.” You get all the pop culture references and character cameos, but none of the dick or fart jokes, basically.


A lot of the humor comes from the absurd situations you’ll find the main character, Emmett, getting himself into. He’s voiced by Chris Pratt, who is in about 5000 upcoming movies, including Guardians of the Galaxy, which probably would have been his first blockbuster, had The Lego Movie not made over $60 million its opening weekend.


Pratt is joined by Will Farrell, Elizabeth Banks, Charlie Day, Morgan Freeman, and BILLY DEE F’N WILLIAMS. If Billy Dee Williams doesn’t sell you on this movie, what are you doing on this site? THE MAN WAS LANDO CALRISSIAN.

The laughs give way to an actual heartfelt story that may leave you a little misty eyed, but is such a huge spoiler that you’re only getting that much out of me.

I could go on and on about what a technical marvel this movie is, but all I really need to say is you’re going to think it’s all stop motion, find out it’s almost all CGI, and then wonder why CGI looks like shit in every other movie and looks so great here.


So you get-







Come on. Go see it. You know you want to.



4 out of 5 Teleporting Ninjas





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